Haute Couture: the detail that makes a difference

Essentiality as an expression of timeless elegance, the fluidity of the fabrics that gives soul to each creation, the sensuality expressed with the movement of the body that is celebrated through design: when it comes to Haute Couture, for Sabato Russo also the smallest detail aids on giving each garment their uniqueness. From paper to fabric, Sabáto Russo’s creations enhance beauty in all its forms and embody the perfection that is the art of haute couture. Nothing is left to chance in the collections of elegant ceremonial dresses and special events signed by Sabato Russo.

From the research of materials based on sustainability to the tailor-made process of each suit, the designer and his artisans opt for a process that contributes to the creation of an excellent final product from every point of view.

Sabáto Russo and the Bridal Collection

Emblem of beauty and refinement, the Bridal Collection celebrates sophistication in all its forms. Following a common thread that has always distinguished his work – the immortality of simplicity – Sabáto Russo makes wedding and groom dresses designed to make special occasions even more memorable. All the women’s and men’s clothes in the collection are created using the finest fabrics and tailored to enhance the true essence of the wearer.

Sabáto Russo: timeless high fashion

The Sabáto Russo brand represents the designer’s desire to express his vision of the world, carrying within it all those who, like him, believe in the beauty and immortality of simplicity. All made in Italy with carefully selected fabrics from ethically and sustainably produced materials, crafted by the skilled hands of artisans who work in small family-run manufactories, the clothes created by Sabáto Russo are all inspired by purism. A simple concept expressed through a few elements: sobriety, versatility, authenticity and harmony. It’s the details that make the difference. Through his clothes, Sabáto not only wants to dress people, but to empower them, encouraging each individual to live life without ever betraying their essence. His creations strengthen the beauty and sensitivity of the customers, enhancing each individual personality. Wearing the designer’s clothes you don’t feel transformed, but your true self.