Elegant and sophisticated wedding dresses and groom suits: The Haute Couture Bridal collection by Sabáto Russo

The timeless grace of pure and simple lines, the quality of refined materials that enrich and enhance the beauty of the wearers shape, the class of the sartorial tailoring that characterizes every detail of the creations… The wedding and groom dresses of the Haute Couture Bridal collection by Sabáto Russo represent the essence of a poetic vision of fashion focused on elegance and sophistication.

Aware of the power of a high fashion garments and the way they make you feel; the designer dedicates himself fully to the creation of impeccably designed pieces that are destined to be worn on the most special day of a couple. In his atelier in Milan, located in via Tobagi 8, Sabáto Russo meets brides and grooms who are looking for the dress of their dreams, which in its essentiality and beauty makes them stand out.

Each Sabáto Russo wedding dress and groom suit, is designed by the stylist himself and custom-made thanks to the collaboration of expert tailors and local artisans, paying the utmost attention to every detail, always guaranteeing excellent quality.

Tailored wedding dresses and groom suits: How the garments of the Haute Couture Bridal collection are born

Entirely hand-made to adapt perfectly to the style and body of the wearer, the wedding dresses and suits from the Haute Couture Bridal collection by Sabáto Russo are eternally elegant: the iconic cut – simple and clean – the essence the creations of the designer embody.
Each garment is unique and original because it comes from the emotions and sensations aroused by the meeting between the customer and Sabáto. After the appointment, in which the designer himself connects to the bride or groom to understand their tastes and desires, he creates the sketch inspired by the personality of the wearer.
After this decision, we choose the fabrics accordingly. From the most exclusive silk to the richest chiffon, passing through luxurious lace and the finest cotton, all materials are carefully selected to create a garment that fits perfectly.
Meeting after meeting, the dress takes shape, personalized in every detail. Nothing is left to chance, not even the accessories, which the bride and groom can choose together with Sabáto once the dress is ready.
In addition, all wedding and groom dresses are made in an ethical and sustainable way. From the choice of materials to the production, the brand has long been following the path of conscious fashion.