#CasaSábato: a creative space

#CasaSabáto, a shared space where relationships with customers are established and where creativity runs free: this is the unique and highly original vision at the base of the space that Sabato Russo has chosen as the home for his brand.

Located in via Tobagi 8 in Milan, inside Fornace Curti (one of the oldest Italian still functional furnaces), the atelier is often a creative hub where artists meet to exchange ideas and collaborate over projects. 

The diversity of the concepts as key elements to explore new ways of living and conceiving life, from which inspiration is drawn and embedded in works of art. 

Special events with guests from all over the world as opportunities to encourage the sharing and enrichment of human experiences to be poured into every dress. This is #CasaSabato.

The calm and relaxed atmosphere that reigns inside the atelier favors the flow of creativity in all its forms.

All the creations signed by the stylist see the light within these walls: from the sketch to the paper patterns, from the choice of fabrics to accessories, each step is carried out inside the atelier.

#CasaSabáto thus becomes a temple for self-discovery through fashion and meetings.

Through all the process, Sabato is mind and body: here fashion is much more than a superficial boast: by putting his art at the disposal of others, the designer guides people on a journey of finding one’s place in the world.