Evening and elegant dresses for ceremonies and special events

For Sabáto Russo, Haute Couture is a true vocation, a love that has its roots in the designer’s deep desire to give life to creations capable of embodying timeless beauty and sophistication.

Dedicated to all those who love to feel wonderful and free to express themselves at their best, the evening, ceremony and special event dresses signed by Sabáto Russo represent the transformation of his poetic vision into reality through refined creations that go beyond classic elegance expressed in the prêt-à-porter collections.

The high fashion dresses of Sabáto Russo are all unique and original creations, made-to-measure designs for each specific customer. All the crafted garments for men and women represent the essence of sartorial tailoring, in which every element is studied in detail, and it is precisely the artisanal character of the sculpted clothes that make them perfect for weddings, red carpets and gala evenings. 

How evening dresses and elegant dresses for ceremonies and special events from the Haute Couture collection by Sabáto Russo are born

An image, a sound, a fragrance, a sensation… the evening dresses and the formal and special event dresses from the Haute Couture collection by Sabáto Russo come to life from everything that leaves a mark on your soul. Creativity runs free and the concepts are first transformed into shapes, colors and textures, to then be translated into the movements the fabrics tale to give rise to fully customized garments.

The high fashion dresses of Sabáto Russo are exclusive creations, modeled on the customer with sartorial care. Each fabric, each element of the design and each accessory is meticulously selected based on the inspiration of the designer and the desires and needs of those who will wear the garment.
All creations are hand-made in the artist’s atelier, located in Via Tobagi 8 in Milan. Sabáto gives every customer who relies on him for the creation of an evening or ceremony dress an unforgettable experience. Meeting after meeting, the dress takes shape before their eyes. All the work, love, dedication and respect put into the creation shine through in every inch of each dress: all the garments adapt perfectly to the silhouette to enhance the shapes, always respecting the style and personality of those who will wear them.
Sustainability also characterizes the creations by Sabáto Russo From the choice of materials to the production, the brand has long been following the path of conscious fashion.