Haute couture bridal gowns in Milan make your wedding day even more special

Your wedding day dress is probably the most important one you will ever wear. Under the watchful eyes of your nearest and dearest and those of the photographers, ready to capture every moment of such a special day, it is normal to want to be at your best, but it is above all one look that all brides wish to catch, that of the person with whom they have decided to share the rest of their lives. 

And to leave everyone speechless, what’s better than haute couture bridal gowns in Milan? Sure, regular wedding ateliers in the area make many interesting proposals available to women about to get married, but none of them can compete with the elegance and quality of a real high fashion dress. 

We are used to seeing them walking down the catwalks or worn by actresses and well-known personalities on the day of their luxury weddings, and so we think they are unattainable; in reality, anyone can decide to contact a haute couture designer for their wedding dress, as long as they have a clear idea of what they are looking for. 

If the haute couture bridal gowns in Milan that make your heart beat faster have simple yet elegant lines and focus on sophisticated materials, then you cannot miss Sabáto Russo‘s Haute Couture Bridal collection. The designer is one of the best known in our country for his made-to-measure wedding dresses for brides and grooms. 

Why the haute couture bridal gowns in Milan created by Sabáto Russo are so surprising

The magic of the haute couture bridal gowns in Milan that can be purchased at Sabáto Russo’s exclusive atelier stems from the synergy created by the encounter between the designer and the customer. Compared to what happens in classic bridal shops where it is possible to adapt certain details of the dresses on display to the needs of the client, in fact, our proposals are made specifically for those who decide to put their trust in us for this very important occasion

After an initial consultation meeting, Sabáto Russo prepares a personalised sketch inspired by the bride and her partner’s story and the wedding she’s organizing. Without ever altering the typical style of our fashion brand – characterised by a clean cut and enveloping volumes – the haute couture bridal gowns in Milan that can be purchased at our atelier are truly unique pieces

The high quality of the haute couture bridal gowns in Milan designed by Sabáto Russo is also given by the materials used, which are the best on the market. It will always be the bride who chooses the ones that best suit her personality and the event she is planning from a wide selection of fine chiffon, silks, lace and many others. 

Haute couture bridal gowns in Milan are made for those women who have a well-defined style, who know that elegance lies in simplicity and that to be the centre of attention it is not necessary to cover yourself in sparkling details. If this is what you are looking for from your wedding dress, do not hesitate to get in touch with our workshop.